Affordable Digital Forensics Training

Digital Forensics Training

For the purpose of this site, “affordable” is under $1,000

I will try to keep up with price changes, however, the prices listed here may not always be accurate.

Name & Direct LinkPlatform/InstructorPrice in US DollarsPrice FrequencyTopics
AccessData Password Recovery Toolkit (PRTK)Pluralsight - Larry Glusman29Monthly (There are also $299 and $449 yearly options)Understanding and Initializing Password Recovery Toolkit, Identify Encrypted Files with FTK, User the Dictionary Tool in PRTK, Decrypting Files and Containers with PRTK
Legal and Ethical Considerations for Digital ForensicsPluralsight - Bobby Rogers29Monthly (There are also $299 and $449 yearly options)Understanding Legal and Ethical Aspects of Digital Forensics, Collecting and Handling Evidence, Presenting Digital Evidence, Navigating the US Legal System in Digital Forensics, Understanding International Issues in Digital Forensics
AccessData Forensic Toolkit (FTK) ImagerPluralsight - Phil Chapman29Monthly (There are also $299 and $449 yearly options)FTK Imager
Getting Started with Memory Forensics Using VolatilityPluralsight - Collin Montenegro29Monthly (There are also $299 and $449 yearly options)Getting Started with Volatility, Memory Profile Creation and Command-Line Basics for Linux, macOS and Windows
Incident Forensics: Digital Media AcquisitionPluralsight - Ricardo Reimao29Monthly (There are also $299 and $449 yearly options)Digital Media Acquisition, The Overall Digital Forensics Process, Preparing for the Data Acquisition
Digital Forensics: Getting StartedPluralsight - Shoaib Arshad29Monthly (There are also $299 and $449 yearly options)Applying Forensic Science to Digital Forensics, Understanding the Role of Digital Evidence, Investigating Cybercrime
Setting up a Forensic WorkstationPluralsight - Robert McMillen29Monthly (There are also $299 and $449 yearly options)Virtual Machines, Checkpoints, Sandboxing, Gathering Forensic Data for Legal Inquiry, Installing Forensic Applications, FTK Imager, Autopsy, Backups and Redundancy
USB ForensicsPluralsight - Philip Polstra29Monthly (There are also $299 and $449 yearly options)USB Forensics, Writeblocking and Impersonation, Duplication
iOS Social Media ForensicseForensics Magazine - Kinga Kięczkowska249One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)iPhone Mobile Analysis, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Python Scripting, SQL Queries,
Digital Forensic ImagingeForensics Magazine - David Tatum249One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)Forensic Imaging, Hashing, Extraction, Examining Unallocated and Slack Space, Imaging HDDs and SDDs, Creating RAID Images, Memory Images, SaaS-based Images, Imaging Virtua Hard Drives in a VM, Enterprise-Wide Triage Imaging
Android Mobile ForensicseForensics Magazine - Divya Lakshmanan249One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)Android Incident Response, Unrooted & Rooted Device Analysis, Static Android Malware Analysis, Dynamic Android Malware Analysis, SIM Card Analysis, Encrypted Devices
Drone ForensicseForensics Magazine - Alan Roder249One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)UAVs, UAS, UAV Components, UAV Related Criminal Activities, Initial Response, Preservation, Audits and Logs, Seizure
Digital Video ForensicseForensics Magazine - Raahat D Singh249One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)Digital Video Concepts, Technical Issues Related to Video Recordings, Categories of Digital Videos, Videos as Forensic Evidence, Admissibility of Video Evidence, Forensic Video Analysis
Recovering Virtual Machines From Lost VMFS PartitionseForensics Magazine - Washington Almeida79One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)Virtual Machines (VMs), RAW Images, dcfldd, losetup, vmsf-tools, How to Identify and Manage VMFS Partitions
Project AresCircadence90Per Month (There is also a $900/Annual Option)This is a hands-on gamified learning platform that covers several areas including Forensics, Linux, and Scripting.
An Introduction to Digital ForensicsSecurity Blue Team26.71One TimeChain of Custody, Types of Evidence, File Carving, Linux Command Line, Stenography, Cracking ZIP Files
Everyday Digital ForensicsCybrary49.50Per Month for all courses - There is also a $299 per year optionDigital Forensics Investigation, Investigation Process, Data Acquisition, Evidence Logs, File Systems, Mobile Forensics, Image Analysis
Autopsy Basics and Hands-OnBasis Technology - Brian Carrier495One TimeAutopsy Installation, Cases and Data Sources, UI Basics, Hash Lookup, Modules, Keyword Search, Correlation Engine, Android Analyzer, Timeline Interface, Image Gallery, Tagging, Commenting & Reporting
Introduction to FTK Imager - On DemandAccessData100One TimeFTK Imager Features and Processes, Creating a Forensic Image, Viewing Evidence, Triage Process
Introduction to Password Recovery Toolkit - On DemandAccessData100One TimeFeatures and Processes of Password Recovery Toolkit, Creating Dictionaries, Word List Creation
Introduction to Forensic Toolkit - On DemandAccessData500One TimeForensic Toolkit Administration and Setup, Interface, Filtering and Searching, Known File Filter, Exporting and Reporting
New Technology File System (NTFS) ForensicseForensics Magazine - Divya Lakshmanan229One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)Processing System Files, Processing User Files, Features of NTFS, Sleuth Kit, Alternate Data Streams
Fourth Extended File System (EXT4) ForensicseForensics Magazine - Divya Lakshmanan219One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)Understanding EXT4, Locating Files and Directories, Forensically Interpreting EXT4 File System Features, Encryption
MDFIR - Certified DFIR SpecialistMosse Cyber Security Institute450One TimeFile Analysis, Windows Forensics, Memory Forensics, Applications Forensics, Network Forensics, Malware Analysis, Enterprise Investigations, Threat Intelligence, Writing Digital Forensics and Incident Reports
Digital Forensics FundamentalsParaben Corporation Training Academy995One TimeEvidence Collection, Chain of Custody, Foundational Details of the Field of Digital Forensics. This course includes certification as a Certified Computer Examiner once the course and test are completed.
Linux ForensicsCodeRed24.99Per Month - There is also a $249/year option. Both options include access to all CodeRed courses.Linux History, Architecture, File System Overview, File Permissions, Editing File Properties, Root, Sudo, System Initialization, Emergency Alternative Start-Up Options, Shutting Down the System. Processes
INE - Digital ForensicsINE - Ali Hadi49Monthly (There is also a $499 and $749/year option)Digital Forensics, Logs, Timelines, Reporting, System & Network Forensics, Acquisition, File & Disk Analysis
Digital Forensics CoursesCyber 5W50One TimeEvidence Acquisition Under Windows and Linux, Working With FTK Imager, File Systems and Data Carving, Investigating Windows Program Executions, LNK and Jumplists, Windows Thumb Caches, Windows User & System Registry Artifacts, Windows Shellbags, USB Forensics, Volume Shadow Copies (VSC) and File History, Windows Event Logs, Encrypted Files
Linux Forensics, USB Forensics, & Windows ForensicsPentester Academy69MonthlyLinux, USB, Memory, Disk, and Windows Forensics
CSX Advanced Forensics CourseISACA300One TimeForensics Tools Setup, Network Forensics, Stenography, Windows Registry, Remote Forensics
Introduction to Forensic ImagingISACA30One TimeForensic imaging
Mobile ForensicsISACA30One TimeMobile Forensics
Passive Computer ForensicsISACA30One TimeHow files are deleted and prepared to be overwritten.
NDG Forensics v2NDG50One Time (6 Month Access)Creating a Forensic Image, Live Acquisition, Live Forensics, Registry Forensics, File Systems, Keyword Search and Analysis, Data Carving, Metadata and Link File Analysis, Recycle Bin Forensics, Stenography and Alternatative Data Streams, Picture File Analysis, Email Analysis, Internet Browser Forensics, Timeline Analysis, IoT Forensics, Mobile Forensic Analysis, Log Capturing and Interpretation, Pagefile Analysis, Password Cracking, File Hashing and Hash Analysis, Chain of Custody