Affordable OSINT Training

For the purpose of this site, “affordable” is under $1,000.

I will try to keep up with price changes, however, the prices listed here may not always be accurate.

For OSINT Challenges and CTFs, see the DFIR, OSINT & Blue Team CTFs & Challenges section of the Free Training Site.

Name & Direct LinkPlatform/InstructorPrice in US DollarsPrice FrequencyTopics
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) FundamentalsTCM Security - Heath Adams29.99One TimeOSINT Overview, Notekeeping, Sock Puppet Accounts, Search Engines, Email Addresses, Breached Data, Phone Number, Username, Website, Social Media, Wireless Network OSINT, Tools, Automation, Report Writing
Using the Internet as an Investigative Research ToolToddington499.99One TimeAdvanced Search Features, OSINT Principles and Processes, Avoiding Detection, Piecing User-Generated Content Together, Social Media, Maltego,
Social Media Intelligence & InvestigationToddington499.99One TimeSOCMINT, Search Techniques, Documentation Tools and Practices, Investigating Images, Sock Accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Online Forums, Groups, Blogs, Geolocation, Monitoring Users and Locations, Privacy Considerations and Techniques
Trace Labs OSINT Foundations CourseOSINT Combine - Chris Poulter99Every 6 MonthsAnalysis Techniques, Collection Sources, Collection Approach & Reporting Methods, Advanced Google Searching, People Search Engines, Username Correlation, Reverse Image Searching
OSINT Fundamentals + Social Media CourseOSINT Combine - Chris Poulter799Per YearAnalysis Techniques, OSINT Platform, Collection Approach & Reporting Methods, Advanced Google Searching, People Search Engines, Username Correlation, Reverse Image Searching, Person of Interest Collection on Various Social Media Platforms, Social Network Analysis
Plessas Training

They have training webinars as well as a monthly news and resources subscription.
Plessas49.99One TimeOSINT for Archives, Introduction to OSINT, OSINT News and Resources
OSINT Area & Event Awareness CourseOSINT Combine - Chris Poulter499Per YearSocial Media Monitoring, CCTV Monitoring, Advanced Mapping, Region Assessments, Threat Actors, Event Monitoring
OSINT Base CampThe Cyber Institute197One TimeOSINT Background and Process, OPSEC, Advanced Search Techniques, Username Investigation, Reverse Image Searching, Maps & Satellite Images, Email, Phone Numbers, Social Media, Tools
IntelTechniquesIntelTechniques500Per YearCase Notes, Video/Screen Capture & Preservation, Search Sites & Tools, Names, Email. Usernames, Phone Numbers, Social Media Investigations, Photos & Video, Documents, Maps, Vehicles, Corporations, Groups, Events, Domains, IPs, VMs, Darknet, Command Line & Scripts
Shodan, OSINT & IoT DeviceseForensics Magazine - Maciej Makowski39One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)Searching on Shodan, GUI & CLI, Identify Vulnerable IoT Devices, Search for ICS Devices, Hide Your Devices From Shodan Searches, VPN and Proxy Impact on Shodan
Introduction to Open-Source IntelligenceSecurity Blue Team26.71One TimeOSINT Framework, The Harvester, TweetDeck, Reverse Image Searching, Google Dorks
Introduction to Darkweb OperationsSecurity Blue Team26.71One TimeDark Web, Clear Web, Deep Web, Tor, Search Engines
OSINT Training Essentials (Online)ShadowDragon250Per Year (There are also other options.)OSINT Collection & Analysis, Manual & Automated Intelligence Collection Methods
Hetherington Group WebinarsHetherington Group69One Time (Prices ranged from $69 - $414)The Hetherington Group has Webinars with Topics Such as: Dark Web Investigations, Online Search Engines, Social Media, Public Records, Ethical Investigations
OSINT Investigations: PeopleThe OSINTion - Joe Gray240One TimeOSINT Fundamentals, People OSINT Tools and Resources, Social Media, EXIF, Reverse Image Search, Collaboration Strategies, Mini-CTF to Apply the Concepts
Alternative and Advanced Search Engine OSINTThe OSINTion - Joe Gray145One TimeGoogle Dorking/Advanced Operators, Other Search Engines, Techniques for Searching Abroad
OCR and Image/Video AnalysisThe OSINTion - Joe Gray145One TimeReverse Image Search, EXIF Analysis, Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Business OSINTThe OSINTion - Joe Gray240One TimeOSINT Fundamentals, Legal and Ethical Considerations, DNS, Social Media, Public Filings, Search Engines, OSINT Tools
Practical OPSEC for OSINT and PrivacyThe OSINTion - Joe Gray200One TimeOSINT and OPSEC Relationship, Social Media and Internet Presence, Secure Technologies, Proactive use of Disinformation and Deception for OPSEC, Steps to Take to Enhance One's OPSEC
OSINT Udemy CoursesUdemy10.99One Time (Prices Vary)Udemy has several courses with topics such as: OSINT, Dark Web, Social Media Intelligence. Just search for "OSINT".
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) FundamentalsCybrary49.50Per Month - There is also a $299 per year optionOSINT Theory, Notes, Sock Puppets, Tools and Techniques, OPSEC
Open Source Intelligence for ForensicseForensics Magazine - Joshua Richards249One Time (Can also get all courses for $890/year)Using Identifiers, Social Media Profiles, Public Records, Tools & Extensions
OSINT - Open Source IntelligenceCodeRed24.99Per Month - There is also a $249/year option. Both options include all courses on CodeRed.Note Taking, Google, Reverse Searches, Darkweb, People Search, Data Breaches, Maltego, Building an OSINT Machine, Social Media
OSINT Investigation TacticsCyberSec Guidance50One TimeOSINT Approaches, Note Keeping, OSINT Tools, Writing OSINT Investigation Reports, Real World OSINT Investigation Simulation
Dark Web SeminarBlackHorse500One TimeDigital Identity, Layers of the Internet, Tor, Onion Services, TAILS, Whonix, Creating a Personal Onion Service, Secure Dark Web Communications
MOIS - Certified OSINT ExpertMossé Cyber Security Institute450One TimeEnvironment Setup, Search Engines, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Usernames, GitHub, Email Addresses, Online Communities, Documents, Online Maps, Images, Videos, Domain Names, IP Addresses, Tor, Data Breaches, Documentation, Reports & Procedures
McAfee Institute OSINT CoursesMcAfee Institute29.97One TimeSocial Media Investigation and Methodologies, Advanced Social Media Investigations, Investigations on the Deep Web, Learn How to Gather Effective Intelligence Online, Introduction to OSINT, Top 20 Intelligence Resources, Twitter Investigation Methodologies
Certified Social Media Intelligence Analyst (SMIA)McAfee Institute947One TimeLearn how to investigate and gather intelligence on the top social media platforms around the world
Scheduled OSINT Training (various topics)Sourced Intelligence150One TimeDeep and Dark Web, Basic OSINT Training, Advanced OSINT Training, Intelligence Report Writing, Social Media Investigations, Event and Incident Monitoring
Performing OSINT Gathering on Employee TargetsPluralsight - Jerod Brennen29MonthlyGathering Historical Information, Locating Court Records, Performing Social Network Analysis, Extracting Photo Metadata, Digital Footprints, Email Address Variants, Custom Mapping Tools, Mobile Footprint, Telephone Search Tools
Performing OSINT Gathering on Corporate TargetsPluralsight - Jerod Brennen29MonthlyPhysical Reconnaissance, Land and Tax Records, Logical Reconnaissance, Org Chart, Transactions, Document Metadata, Email Addresses, External Infrastructure Profile, Application Usage.